Rooms and Rates


Maison Mazant consists of 3 rooms (a large bedroom, a small bedroom and a sun porch / tv lounge) and a private bathroom. In addition, guests share a dining room and patio with the innkeeper.

        dining-room                     Patio 2

The Large Bedroom has a queen bed and a twin bed as well as ample closet and dresser space. It has doors to the Sun Porch / TV Lounge, the patio (which serves as entrance for all rooms) and the dining room.

queen-bed-large-bedroom       single-bed-large-bedroom



The Small Bedroom has a queen bed and ample closet space. It has doors to the bathroom and to the dining room.


The Sun Porch / TV Lounge  has a full size futon sofa as well as a love seat and, of course, tv. There is a door to the Large Bedroom.

sun porch1                                    sun porch 2

Sun Porch 3


There is a separate refrigerator, coffee pot and toaster for the guests in the dining room, where a continental breakfast is served each morning.breakfast

The Bath has doors to the dining room and to the Small Bedroom. It has a combination tub/shower and double lavatory.

This two Bedroom Suite (approx. 625 sq. ft.), consisting of all 3 rooms with private bath, sleeps up to 6 people (3 in the Large Bedroom, 2 in the Small Bedroom, 1 in the Sun Porch / TV Lounge).  Standard Rate: $100 (Su-Th)/$120 (Fr-Sa) for 1 or 2 persons; $20 for each addition person per night. Minimum stay is 2 nights. Note: Each bedroom has private access to the bath; however access to the Small Bedroom from the patio / street is through the Large Bedroom.

Please enquire for Special Event (Mardi Gras, French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, etc.) rates and minimum stay requirements.


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